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Unconventional Resources

G.O.T. Unconventional Resource Services deliver high-end, and integrated services, including Gas Shale, Oil Shale, Tight Sand, Gas Hydrates, and Coalbed Methane Resources.

o Neural Network-Based Seismic Facies Classification
Advanced Seismic Inversion





The following analyses are carried out within a well established and seamless workflow to obtain quantitative rock property maps and volumes that can be efficiently used in reservoir modeling and simulation: 

o   Integrating seismic & well data for seismic-to-well tie.
o   Delineating key acoustic markers.

o   Petrophysical analysis, reservoir layering and core analysis from well data.

o   Detailed seismic stratigraphy.

o  Seismic sequence analysis

o  Wavelet – based seismic facies analysis.

o   Seismic attribute extractions

o   Petro/Acoustic analysis

o   AVO/Elastic modeling

o   Amplitude modeling

o   Acoustic Impedance/Elastic Impedance Seismic Inversion

o   Creating Preliminary sedimentological model

o   Quantitative calibration

o   Multi-attribute inversion

o   3d Visualization & GeobodyExtraction

o   Creating structural and seismic facies maps

o   Integrated sedimentological model\Velocity modeling

o   Depth conversion

o   Creating depth mapps

o   Creating qualitative depositional facies maps (EOD)

o   Creating Litho-Petrophysical Quantitative maps and volumes

o   Possible input into static and dynamic reservoir models

We ensure the selection of good-quality seismic data for seismic reservoir characterization. For example, we ensure that seismic data has broad-enough frequency bandwidth and a high resolution, high signal-to-noise ratio, which also aids interpreters in high-quality attribute analysis, availability of reliable amplitude information for true quantitative reservoir property prediction.



Technical Expertise
The founders of the company, together with their staff and technicians, bring with them decades of experience resulting in skills that cover the broad range of exploration and production aspects needed to meet customer demands and production aspects needed to meet customer demands ....

We are committed to hiring the most highly skilled professionals in the industry to support our solutions. These professionals include ...

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