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Integrated Sedimentology



  • Core description, laser-particle grain size analysis, petrography, well-log motif and mineralogical content interpretation for depositional paleoenvironments and diagenetic history through:
    • Analysis of lithofacies and lithofacies associations.
    • Grain-size distribution.
    • Trends in bed thickness changes.
    • Primary and secondary sedimentary structures and textures.
    • Nature of bedding contacts.
    • Thin section examination of rocks.
    • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) examination of rocks siliceous, carbonate, evaporate, clay and other rock mineralogy.
    • X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) for qualitative and quantitative analysis of rock minerals.
    • Trace Fossil (Ichnofacies) analysis.
    • Seismic sedimentology, geomorphology, and stratigraphy.
    • Integrated sequence stratigraphy.


  • Seal Effectiveness Studies: Besides conventional sedimentology, we have an integrated program for evaluating effectiveness of seal rocks through: 
    • Thin section petrography of seal rocks.
    • Scanning electron microscopy of seal rocks.
    • X-ray diffraction of seal rocks.
    • Laser particle size distribution.
    • Capillary pressure analysis through High-Pressure Mercury Injection.
    • Correlation between cores and well logs.
    • Seal prediction in space and time through integrated sequence stratigraphy.
    • Determination of reservoir trap, hydrocarbon column height. and fluid volume.







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